A Flat Screen HD TV Doesn’t Come Cheap

Thin, light, beautiful, and more entertaining – these are the main characteristics of a flat screen HD TV. They can be modeled in different types of TV technologies such as CRT, plasma, projection, and flat-panel LCD. Its screen sizes also vary. It ranges from 20 inches to over 60 inches. These make them much superior to other TV sets. However, they can also be expensive. In fact, a single flat screen HD TV unit has an average price tag of $1,500 to $10,000 (depending on the item’s detailed specs and size). Some of the most costly include the $1,799 BenQ DV3750 37 inch HD TV Flat Screen with speakers, the 16:9 widescreen display Sony KE-42M1 with the latest WEGA Engine System, and the 60 inch Panasonic PT-60LCX64 Flat Screen HDTV.

Nevertheless, some TV experts believe that the price of a flat screen HD TV will plummet in the coming years due to creative innovations by new players. These so-called newbies in the business have started producing quality flat screen HD TV. These include PC-related companies such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard. These two are pioneering cheap but quality flat screen HD TV sets to make a “bang” introduction in the market. There is even a fearless forecast by some analyst stating that flat screen HDTV-ready Plasma set could equal the present price value of a rear-projection HDTV-ready set.

One of the most affordable flat screen HD TV sets is the 26-inch Toshiba TheaterWide HD 26HL84 TV. It comes with the latest Toshiba Flat Panel technology and the Toshiba PixelPure Proprietary Digital Video Processing system. Some of its versatile features include the Series TheaterWide, accurate HD display with built-in speakers and tuner, StableSound, CableClear DNR+, and 800:1 contrast ratio.

Other popular flat screen HD TV manufacturers are Audiovox, Viewsonic, Samsung, JVC, Mitsubishi, Sharp, Costco, and Pioneer.

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